I am totally focused on my client's
needs, and I work to realize their
dreams as if they were my own.
Your Satisfaction is my top priority.

Mo Parvaresh-Nejad
Sales Represntative
Mo Parvaresh Nejad
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Mo Parvaresh-Nejad
Sales Representative
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                                  We help you, you build your dream home

If you would like to be your own builder, if you would like to build your dream home yourself  the way you want it be or
if you want to save money by doing it yourself, we are here to help.

Building a house is a big project and it has its own challenges, but having a right consultant right by your side step
by step of the way, will remove stress and challenges.  My team and I have put a process together to help everyone
be a builder. We show you how to do it yourself an easy way.

Our service included but limited to:
  1. Finding you the best piece of property in your desire area
  2. Preparing all the drawings the way you want your house to be
  3. Obtaining all the permits from the city
  4. Introducing you to all of our hand picked trades
  5. provide you with the best construction loan if needed
  6. Going over trade's contracts with you to understand the contracts better
  7. Introducing you to all of our suppliers for better prices
  8. Helping you to be a better manager in building residential properties

With this simple process you will be your own builder and you will save money. With our process you will also
understand the building codes and requirements and the most importantly, you have learned a skill. A skill that will
be with you through your life.

If you, for any reasons did not want to be involve and only would like to pick your design and materials Only, NO
PROBLEM. My experience team and I will build your house, we are here to help. You just watch your dream home is
getting build without any hassle. We will deal will all the trades and suppliers and you just enjoy your brand new


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